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My job as supervisor is to make sure you are safe to practice: are you safe for the client, and are you safe for yourself?

For the client: are you counselling ethically, working within your confidence and competence? Are you up to date with your CPD? 

For yourself: My first question every month is “How are you?” Not as in “I'm fine, how are you?” but really how are you? Are you safe to practice? Are you tired, overworked, stressed? Are your personal and professional lives bleeding into each other?

I'll actively encourage reflection on your practice. What did you do well? What did you learn? What would you do different?

Here's some questions I ask myself. I'll ask you the same questions:

  • Is your client safe in your care?

  • Are you more interested in accumulating your hours for accreditation/making money than in working ethically?

  • Are you outside your level of confidence and competence?

  • What aren't you telling me about this client? 

  • Are you seeing too many clients?

  • Can you say no to more clients?

  • What's your plan for personal and professional development?

If you're looking for a collaborative approach to supervision, where you will be challenged in a safe, supportive environment, please contact me.

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